Illuminated Dandelion Crystal Ball

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Let the light shine with this beautiful illuminated crystal ball, featuring a 3D laser-engraved dandelion design. This unique light will spark joy and make any space come alive. The intricate dandelions symbolize luck and add a subtle yet sophisticated flair and a timeless touch to your home or office. A symbol of hope, love, and happiness, the dandelion will bring natural warmth, beauty, and energy to your space. Winner of the 2024 UK Gift of the Year Award, this crystal ball is a unique accessory for your desk or bookshelf, and also functions as a nightlight. 

You can switch between three light intensity levels by touching the copper button on the front of the solid walnut wood base. The base is fitted with a rechargeable battery that can keep your space illuminated with stunning light for up to sixteen hours. The USB-C port in the back makes for easy charging with the cable that is included. 

Dimensions: 3.15" Diameter x 3.74" H. Imported from the UK. 

Manufacturer's Note: Please do not leave this product in direct sunlight.

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