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Old-fashioned Corners of Paris

Old-fashioned Corners of Paris

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“Taking to roads less traveled during my visit,
I explored the byways of a Paris I’d previously neglected…”

So author Christophe Destournelles begins his search to uncover places and things that are quickly vanishing from the city—the irreplaceable and enchanting discoveries that should be glimpsed and experienced before it’s too late.

It’s hard to imagine a more memorable way to spend a day in Paris than by following in his footsteps to see the city’s only remaining illuminated subway map, outdoor artesian water fountain, photo booth, vespasienne, and more. Have lunch at one of the vintage bistros or café close to the author’s heart (you may even find now-outlawed hardboiled eggs—in their iconic stand—on the zinc counter). Charbons and jazz caves have all but disappeared from the city, as have specialty shops selling stockings, buttons, and old-fashioned sweets. Visit them—and buy a beautiful pair of gloves or a handmade umbrella—while you can. The small but significant details in these pages enrich any reader’s experience of Paris and promise a pilgrimage filled with romance and history.

About the Author

Christophe Destournelles is the author of Faire du vélo à Paris and Ou trouver le calme à Paris.

About the Photographer

Christophe Lefébure, a graduate of the Institute d’Etudes Politiques de Paris with a master’s degree in history, combines the qualities of a writer with those of a photographer. His first work, La France des lavoirs, received the Grand Prix Litteraire du Tourisme.

Old-fashioned Corners of Paris978
By Christophe Destournelles, photographs by Christophe Lefébure

Hardcover; 144 pages.

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