State Fair Bingo™

State Fair Bingo™

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Bingo™ has come a long way since the early 1930s when numbered discs were pulled from a cigar box and players marked their cards with beans. This high-quality bingo set features a classic metal ball-spinner, wooden bingo balls, a solid wood bingo board, and nostalgic shutter bingo cards. Whether you are playing for fun or for prizes, State Fair Bingo provides hours of classic carnival entertainment at home.  

A note from The Reader’s Catalog staff: Although the manufacturer suggests that State Fair Bingo is for ages eight and up, we have had a rollicking good time including children as young as three. There are a variety of ways younger kids can participate. Even three- or four-year-olds can have the coveted job of turning the spinner, opening the cage door, and pulling out a ball. Kindergarteners who know their letters and numbers can be the callers; they can manage a card—with adult help, because it’s a little difficult to track across the letters then down the number columns—and be in charge of the Wooden Marker Board that houses the called balls. A few games into it, some six- and many seven-year-olds can easily do both.

For 2 to 8 players. Contents: 1 Traditional Spinner Cage, 77 Wooden Bingo Balls, 1 Wooden Marker Board, 8 Classic Shutter Sheets, 1 Cotton Bag, Instructions.


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