The Shakespeare Game

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The winner of the 2022 Independent Toy Awards Board Game Category, The Shakespeare Game is a labor of love and scholarship. The illustrations, text, game, and design have been carefully researched, and the consultants have impeccable credentials. The booklet that is enclosed with the game is beautifully conceived, produced, written, and illustrated. 
How the game works: Journey from Stratford to London in the footsteps of William Shakespeare. As you do, collect character cards and race around London’s theaters to put on as many plays as you can before other back-stabbing playwrights steal your ideas, send you to the Tower, or spread the plague. In this fun family board game, you will absorb details of Elizabethan England as well as learn dozens of references to Shakespeare's plays. Will you concentrate on your own blossoming career, or sabotage others to win? In this game of drama and intrigue, the choice is yours. The winner is the player whose plays take the most money at the box office, and is the fastest in the race to fame and glory.
From the introduction in the booklet:
“William Shakespeare’s father was John Shakespeare, a well-respected glover who became high bailiff when Will was four years old. This was equivalent to mayor and included sitting as judge in the Court of Record. But during Will’s childhood his father was charged with usury and will bragging, and by the time Will left school, his father had retreated from public life, avoiding council and church for fear of arrest."
The booklet also includes descriptions of location histories, themes (“Magic was real for people in Shakespeare’s time. Queen Elizabeth’s court astronomer, John Dee, claimed to communicate with angels”), and plays. 
The game includes 1 game board, 1 booklet, 86 cards, 6 playing pieces, 48 counters. 
For 2-5 players, Ages 8 and up, average game takes 30-60 minutes.
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