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Zig & Go Musical Chain Reaction Construction Set

Zig & Go Musical Chain Reaction Construction Set

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Zig & Go is a wooden building game of chain reactions requiring careful thinking. 

A large set of chain reaction and wooden construction components as well as chimes, bells, a gong, and other “instruments” that can produce sound when positioned to do so. 

Although the possibilities are endless, a booklet includes step-by-step instructions for three designs to initially help children build their courses. As they successfully position the wooden parts into tracks, kids learn about the ingenuity and magic involved in chains of movement. And of course, the building can be done alone or with others. 

A demonstration video can be accessed via QR code.

Contents: 1 wooden (100% FSC Certified) building game with 52 pieces, including 3 metal and 3 wood marbles; 24-page instructions booklet. Designed in France.

Recommended for ages 8-99 years

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